Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blu's Endeavors...

Lately I've been wondering what's going on with Blu, who as an artist definitely resides on "Ben's top ten favorite rappers list". After finally taking the time to do a little internet searching, I have discovered that he has been quite busy collaborating on some Dyelon-6-records-at-a-time ish. Here's the scoop:

He did an album with Ta'Raach, as C.R.A.C. Knuckles (pronounced Crass) entitled The Piece Talks -- and although I like Ta'Raach's voice and his Detroit heavy Dilla-esque style, some of the beats on this project are a little repetitive, and combined with some bad interludes, the whole thing seemed kind of rushed to me. There are some stand-outs...and if you are a fan, it's worth a listen for sure.

Another project is the group Johnson & Jonson, comprised of Blu and producer Mainframe. I just got the album, but as of right now have only heard a few tracks from their Myspace page, and I am really feeling it. The samples of old soul records seem to better compliment the maturity and depth of Blu's lyrics.

Make sure you support Blu and his many the records on iTunes, go see the shows when they come through, and let your people know what time it is. He has a new solo EP out called "No Sleep For A Day" but it sounds like him experimenting with an MPC for about 10 minutes with the same samples and sounds...and he also put out an EP last year with Sene called "BeSene" -- I'm saying! If you are unfamiliar, check my previous post showcasing some of Blu's older work HERE.


  1. the only way is one of my favorite rap songs in a long time.


  2. No doubt! Long Time Gone's got me, too. I am glad I found this...

    Peace, and thanks for taking a second to drop a comment.


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