Sunday, August 23, 2009

Water and a flame...

The new album by Daniel Merriweather is actually pretty decent. There are a few skippers, but I love soul singers with some pain in their voice. If anything, it was the song selection - a little sleepy-time, some poor choices. I personally wanted to hear more of those funky upbeat soul jams, but I'm sure the album will grow on me if I give it chance.

Anyway, he's doin' his thing for sure. Currently residing in Manhattan, originally from Melbourne, Australia, dude is a perfect match to rock this duet with UK born "blue-eyed soul" sensation Adele (see previous post about her HERE). Nice ballad, check it out below.

Check out Adele TV, her site. She's one of the greats.

This track with Wale is an example of the upbeat side of the album, which was unfortunately limited:

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