Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pics from our left coast getaway...

In case you're interested, here are a million pictures from our trip to San Fran and northern Cali. The first few have captions explaining where it is, but I haven't gotten around to filling in the rest (and clearing out all of the bad ones). I always take way too many pictures, so that at least a few will come out alright, then I end up liking something about all of them, so I have a hard time deleting them...(nerd)

San Fran Part 1

This second batch here was basically the last day, when we conquered Haight St., Twin Peaks, a ferry ride around the bay AND an evening chillin' in the Mission with my homie Hudson and his beautiful lady, Carter (who we just happened to bump into on the Bart on our last day in the city...crazy story, will delve into more detail later). I am still planning to write a few posts/stories to accompany the pics, but until then, these images should suffice. Peace and harmoniousness.

San Fran Part 2

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