Sunday, October 5, 2014

If anyone still checks this blog...

...forgive me, as it is obviously neglected.  I find it much easier to just share what I find on my Google+ page.  I know that it is a veritable ghost-town over there for the most part, but Facebook is...not a place I post too often.  Come find me on Google + if you want to see what's happening with me.

The majority of what I share are links to instrumentals (beat-tapes) that I liked (mostly courtesy of Boogie and the good people at Strictly Beats), other good music I stumble upon, links I find relevant, and of course, any updates on new Ben Hameen projects (or any future Collective Efforts or Live On Arrival news).

Ben Hameen, signing off from this Blogspot thing for now...who knows, I might be back.

Until then, come see me over here:

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Peace, fam, thanks for checkin' in...