Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Apple Jac...

An incredible person, DJ and producer, Apple Jac blessed CE with this remix he calls "Apple Jac's Golden Glide Remix" - the song is "The Game" and it's from our last album, Freezing World. Please enjoy, and if you like it, go learn more about the man and his music.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sittin on thrones...

Here's some more of that delicious intelligent ignorance from W.I.C. featuring yours truly. Mudfish went sonar on this shit, and really knocked this one out of the park! When Trip originally sent it to me, Kory had already written and performed the hook, and they just wanted me to "re-sing" it for them, with no intention of having me rap on it. But as soon as I heard that empty third verse the end, I had to go "Hamilton" (© Trip Freeman) on that thing, I just felt that it was my civic duty...

Hope you enjoy.

NSFW (Explicit Lyrics)

Oh, and if you are in the A, you'll want to come check out the show this Friday:

Schools Out Forever with W.I.C., Lyric Jones, & Grip Plyaz

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