Monday, August 3, 2009

Quantic Soul Vibes...

Discovered this producer named Quantic today at work while using up 8 of our freshly renewed Pandora hours...

(I knew it wouldn't be free for long, now they only offer 40 hours a MONTH, then you have to pay or upgrade your account. Laaaaame... I've slowly been trying to build a catalog on Grooveshark, which is cool but you have to work it, make your own playlists, delete the duplicates and incorrect files people uploaded. The good thing is you can listen to song after song of one artist at a time, and it even lists similar songs if you look closely at the track details...but since it is not a radio, nor intuitive like Pandora, it hasn't really been helpful in discovering new artists. You kind of have to know what you are looking for... Slacker Personal Radio is another alternative, more along the lines of Pandora, but I just couldn't stand the ads, they pop-up every couple songs, sometimes two in a row.)

Anyway, on to the actual inspiration for the post...the song I happened to hear on Pandora was by The Quantic Soul Orchestra called "Conspirator (Main Theme)". Here is a tubed version:

Here is an instrumental by Quantic, aka Will Holland:

...and a song featuring Alice Russell (see previous post about her HERE).

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