Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pluggin' Phonte...

Phonte, of Little Brother, is also on my top ten favorite rappers list. He is also a great song-writer, which seems to be rare with rappers these days. Cats can spit three dope 24 bar verses back to back, but couldn't arrange a song to save their lives. Phonte gets deep with the harmonies, too, he can really take you to church on a track.

If you haven't checked Foreign Exchange, grab their first album, "Connected", produced entirely by producer Nicolay from Amsterdam. These guys met on and recorded an entire album thousands of miles apart. Very talented cats, check them out when you get a chance. Nicolay now resides in NC, and they recently put out a second album as Foreign Exchange, but get "Connected" first.

Here's a sample:

(A little side-note, Nicolay did a remix of a CE track, Until My Life's Gone, for the Medicine Remix project, which was never realized, but still may surface one day...)

Here is some stuff that Phonte did with DJ Spinna - dopeness...

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