Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jazz Liberatorz...Clin d'oeil

Smooth beats, dope emcees...a magical combination. I am halfway through this record, but so far I am thoroughly impressed with the production, the collaboration choices - in fact, I feel safe putting my approval stamp on it even before I finish listening to the whole thing. How can it be that this came out in January of 2008 and I haven't heard it? I was sleeping...

Anyone else just now waking up can check this album out on Amazon HERE.

Other artists include the lovely and talented Stacy Epps, Asheru, Buckshot, Fat Lip and Tre Hardson from Pharcyde, and more. This is my kind of hip hop.

Their latest effort released in April of this year is called Fruit of the Past and is available to peep on Amazon HERE.

Don't sleep...

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