Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spanish Hip-Hop 102

So I'm sitting over at Root's working on filling up the new CE word-press site (which should be ready by the end of the week), and in the background this horrible movie was on starring Omarion as this kid living in Puerto Rico trying to bridge the gap between rap and reggaeton. It was so corny, I needed to cleanse my ears with some real Puerto Rican representation, so I leave you with two of my favorite artists from that region.

Rap/reggaeton legend Eddie Dee:

And the super-swaggerific Tego Calderon:

[REVISION: After posting this, then reading more about Tego Calderon on the wikipedia page about him, I learned that he actually turned down a role in that movie I mentioned earlier ("Feel The Noise") and chose instead to appear in John Singleton's "Illegal Tender" out of respect for the director.]

More to come on these two cats...

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