Thursday, May 14, 2009

San Francisco - It's Official...

...Hameen is taking a vacation to the left coast. Taking a week off work, flying out to San Fran with the lady. I did get the chance to visit the city years ago while visiting a friend in Palo Alto, but didn't get to spend much time there. From what I remember it was awesome!

With a plethora of commercial driven "free" sites telling you "what to do" in San Francisco, it's hard to not get overwhelmed and lost in an abyss of bullshit. So basically, I'm looking for any input on creative (and inexpensive) things to do there. If you have ever been, please let me know what you consider to be a must-see or -do while in San Francisco, Please don't hesitate to drop an email, comment, would be much appreciated. I definitely look forward to sights like this...

Root and I will be there from the 24th of July to the last day in July, then heading back to the A-Town, so we're also looking for any cool folk to link up with while there. We will be staying at the Stratford - looks like a dope spot, and we got a great price for right downtown. It was actually recommended by a friend, so when the super-deal popped up, we got real excited (good looking, James)!

So, I will most likely be on a San Francisco kick for the next month or two while I get geared up to make the most out of this trip. Get ready...

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  1. Word to the motha ship brotha!

    You may not remember me, but I have been inspired by your music since I was in 6th grade at Inman. My name is Hudson Soules, I am a dear friend of Eli and my sister Athena was once best friends with Cassandra.A few summers ago I had the honor of rolling through your casa and kickin some freestyles with Eli!) I am a DJ and an MC as well. My homies and I have a renegade sound system that we bump at parks, festivals, funraisers, social justice rallies and anywhere else beats and mics are needed for free for the peoples. (
    Anywho... Ii would be a total blessing and so much fun to connect with you and your lady while you are out here. Oh yea, I forgot to tell you that I have lived here since 2002 when I moved here to go to SF state where I majored in Liberal Studies and minored in American Indian Studies. It is literally the most ethnically diverse university in the nation and it was amazing to learn from and alongside people from myriad places around our world. Needless to say, I am well integrated in the Baynamics of life as an ATLien transplant. I am presently a landscaper as well as a part time program leader at a recreational center for dis(alter)abled people, SF's oldest non-profit. In my spare time I love to create music, garden, create art, bike, and go on adventures.
    Just wanted to paint a little picture of me and extend a grande bienvenidos a San Francisco. It is truly a magical city and I would love to show you around some epic spots that are free such as Golden Gate Park, friends, organic food gardens, amazing murals... we could even plan a lil bar-b-q sound system art event while you are here... snaps, anythang is possible! Let me know what you think. I live in the mission and ya'll are welcome to stay here to any nights to save cheese, although I know how nice having your own space can be. Word up man. I would like to conclude this rather lengthy shout out by expressing heartfelt gratitude for mucho inspiration for over a decade. Big Ups! Look forward to kickin it in the Bay.


    ps. my e mail is Holla!


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