Friday, May 22, 2009

Haitian vibrations...

On the last post about rapper Okai, there was a link that took you to a page of Okai's label/crew Regime Change. In case you didn't check it (which I hadn't really either yet), the featured video was of Haitian artists Negus (pronounced nee-GOOSE') World Order, doing a song called "Fret Kash", which features Okai, and other Haitian artists Sha and Siameze (who is a dope Haitian female MC). The beat is a little on the cornball side (kind of repetitive dance-hall pop), but I just love the way the language sounds...all the MC's are really dope, with unique and versatile styles. The dance steps are pretty funny...Siameze is superhot, and her voice is like butter. I'm feelin' the guy that comes on right before her, too. I wish I could understand what they were saying...big ups Okai and Negus!


Okai on Regime Change Music Website

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