Thursday, May 21, 2009

Okai tellin' it how it is...

I discovered this artist by making a station for Pete Philly and Perquisite on Pandora. A couple different Okai tracks popped up, and I really liked what I heard. After checking his whole album, Dekonstruktion of the Mind (which you can listen to for free here on LastFM), I was unfortunately more impressed by the production than the vocals. Most of it sounded a little unmotivated and lackluster compared to the live energy captured in the performance above, maybe I got spoiled by seeing that first. I did read somewhere that he was donating a portion of the record sales to Action Against Hunger, and I really respect that. Check out a couple of his tracks on the album, I did like "Phish To Come", and here is the video for another of the albums better tracks.

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