Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One of the greats is back!

Gil Scott-Heron has been a huge influence on soul and rap music, and is a wonderful poet and revolutionary musician who I am glad to see is still putting out new music. One of my most memorable shows was Live On Arrival at The Cotton Club (the old one off Peachtree & 10th) opening for Gil Scott-Heron. It was amazing to see how he was able to captivate the crowd, even just him on piano, talking, wise-cracking...quite a character, I'm happy to see him doing his thing. You can play the whole album from the embedded player below which accompanies the release push. What a great idea, all you have to do is click on the song you want to hear, and click it again to stop it, or just play the whole record which I'm sure is worth at the very least one full listen.

The album is appropriately entitled "I'm New Here" and you can go support him on his website. While you are there, you can listen to (and read) a short recorded message from Gil about how to maximize your enjoyment of this and any new record that you decide to check out.

So far I have only heard the first 3 songs, but I really love how he's all over the place stylistically. Check it out below.

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