Thursday, February 4, 2010

Norwegian Jazztronica...

These guys have been around since 1994 putting out dope albums:
Jaga on Wiki

I found them by perusing the Ninja Tune artist line-up on (which has proven to be great resource for my musical research). I started listening to the 1995 album "Animal Chin" and really was vibing on it. Some of the electronica-esque farting drum noises get a little out there, but they are very unique and creative, and the live instruments bring it back home for me. Only skipped one track (turns out it was another producer's remix of the "Lithuania" track featured below) and I will definitely be checking more of their discography. Here's a taste of the eclectic and diverse sounds they come up with, from what I could find on the 'Tube. If you like it, check out more on the Lala links above.

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