Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Midi Fighter...


So Fredo has figured out how to sync up a Street Fighter joystick with his midi gear and is totally wrecking shop on that thing. He entered a contest where all he has to do is end up with the most youtube views, so please check it out! He has until the end of February so pass it around to your friends and help Fredo get some views on this thing. You will not be disappointed!

Here is the link to email your friends:

Here is the info for contest at DJ TechTools.com:

"For the month of February, we are running a special video contest in which the winner will get a brand new Midi-Fighter DIY kit. To enter, just download the songs below and record your own personalized performance using the same songs, ANY controller and your personal style of DJing. Add your video as a response to the tutorial above and whoever has the most YouTube views at the end of February will win a free Midi-Fighter!"


  1. ohhhh.... my dear sweet knights of colombus..
    those were the sickest moves i've ever seen unleashed with a joystick.

    will definitely spread the word.

  2. wow iv seen some things in my day but that blew my mind.



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