Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Pops!

Had an awesome day today (aside from some computer issues which knocked me off schedule for an hour or two)! I went to work at 7:30 to get caught up, then got off at 9:30 and came home to finish and send out the CE News Blast and update the website.

Click here to see the product of our efforts
(and sign up for the CE Newsletter if you aren't already on the list).

Once again it was crunch-time: the new CE and Diamond D single went on sale today, we leaked the super-dope Immuzikation mash-up of "The Dream", and we announced the release party next month with Dillon and J-Live!

Learn more about all this stuff (and hear samples) at www.cecrew.com.

When I got home, I had two hours to get it all done (type the copy, create the html, etc) before Pops and I were supposed to leave to play some disc golf over at East Roswell. Luckily Mil had already finished the graphics we needed so I was able to just plug in all the info and make sure everything was lined up right. Also fortunately he decided to take another day off work, and happened to be home! While I was uploading the new tracks to the CE player, my PC flaked out something severe and I had to finish everything on his Mac Book Pro (which is dope, and I would definitely get one if I could afford it right now). After all the craziness, Pops came through right in time, we hit the road and got in 18 holes and a beautiful day in the park! He showed me the proper way to stand and it really improved my drive. I would love to play more, there is something very therapeutic about it. We finished off around 5 and stopped in at Kasey's for some grub...now I am hopelessly trying to fix my computer, and realizing that I need to get with the times and get some new shit!

Here's to a new era, and a technical difficulty free year from this moment on...

Happy birthday, Pops, and happy belated King day, fam! Anyday is a good day to celebrate his wonderful contributions to our world. What a great man!

Hope, love and prayers to all of the people who are suffering or have loved ones suffering in Haiti. My heart goes out to you all...

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  1. Que mal suerte!!! or is it, Que suerte mal!!! I think your computer luck will change for the better my brother. Thank you for being who you are and inspiring me daily.


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