Monday, January 4, 2010

Fresh for 2010...

Happy New Year, fam! We've been really busy getting this CE business in order, and I'm excited about the prospects for this new year. The next couple months are major for us as we prepare to shoot another video in anticipation for the release of Freezing World, which is Feb 16th.

Speaking of videos, much love to Justin at for selecting "Crazy Things" as the #6 video of 2009! Definitely stay posted to their blog for dope independent hip-hop reviews, videos and news.

Anyway, the Freezing World Release Party is scheduled for Feb 26th at Smith's, and it is going to be off the chain. Beginning in March we are planning to hit the Southeast every weekend with the new line-up to create some buzz for the new record. We also plan to host some more in-town shows with a scaled-down line-up, bring out the MCs, MPCs and a DJ for a more intimate'll get more info on that as it develops.

Found a cool blog for discovering hip-hop that is off-the-radar, They showcase a ton of independent hip-hop, jazz, soul, etc. Even ran across one of our own albums, and I've been looking for this one, too. (I think they have Medicine, too, but you didn't hear it from me.) Enjoy while it's there, but make sure to support the artists, and remember to be careful of viruses when downloading free music on the sites that pop up. Never click on any banners, and surf at your own risk.

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