Friday, January 29, 2010

CE on 11 Alive

Got up earlier than I ever imagined I would have to for a show this morning. Woke up at 1:45, snoozed for 15 then rode out with the crew. We loaded in, grabbed some coffee, and sound checked, EARLY!

Senor Kaos came through with CHICAGOrilla and represented on "The Dream"...the lil homie Dilly Mau came through for "Freezing World" (unfortunately we didn't time that one right and you didn't get to see him rapping. We even did "All The Time" at the end, but he had already left...damn.)...and the always hilarious DJ Synthesis of Psyche O rolled through and blessed on the 1's and 2's.

The staff and on-air personalities there were really laid back, and made us feel right at home. You can't tell from watching below, but we played in and out of commercial breaks for the full hour (6-7), and then played two full songs (actually three, but the last one, "All The Time", was a web-only). Aside from some questionable singing by yours truly (I give myself a pass, given that my vocal chords were still not fully awake), I thought it went really well. Thank you 11-Alive and whoever hooked that opportunity for us. Excellent exposure for the crew, and great promo for Freezing World, being that most of our "bump breaks" were offset with visions of freezing rain, sleet, ice and basically bad weather all around...anyway, enjoy. Thanks to everyone who set their DVRs or actually got up that early to tune in!

An edited version of the entire broadcast is coming soon, complete with all the bumps and news segway, so you can see Senor Kaos and and Dillon reppin' with us!


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