Monday, July 6, 2009

Getting This Album Done...

I feel I have been neglecting this blog, but rest assured, the lack of recent posts is merely an indication that most of my spare time has been spent crafting and completing this new Collective Efforts project. We have decided to do all mixing in house (with a little consultation and feedback from other trusted ears), meaning that I have to get off work, go straight home, get some food, and start working. We have completed all recording and are just working on the final touches, getting everything ready to master. I am also honored to have added to my plate the rewarding process of recording and mixing some new mixtape material for my homie Eli Sweet. He is back in town from China and as usual, has an exorbitant amount of dope verses to drop over stolen hip hop tracks. So, I will pop in every now and then, but for the most part, until Root and I head out to San Fran, I will be consumed in this Freezing World...check out our website from time to time and give us a shout, kind of quiet over there right now as we try to rebuild awareness, let people know we haven't dropped off the Earth, yet. Drop a comment, every little bit helps build morale.

Peace family.

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