Thursday, July 9, 2009

Emotions from Imogen...

I remember when I first heard "Hide and Seek" I got chills. Her name is Imogen Heap, she's from the UK, and she's amazingly talented. Her music leans towards the pop side, but there is something very unique and deep about her. It's not only her incredible voice, but her lyrics are powerful to me. It's not something that I would bump on a regular basis, well...honestly, there's nothing I really bump on a regular basis, but as far as most of her material is concerned, it's almost better suited for Final Fantasy video games and Garden State soundtracks. I read somewhere that she learned how to record on an old Atari, so basically she's a genius, and it shows (check the live performance below to witness her production and sequencing skills). If you so desire, you can learn more about her (for example, she was half of the duo Frou Frou, and plays the Array Mbira) by checking out her Wikipedia page. First, check out a couple of stand-outs...

Live at a radio station:

And a video she made for "Hide and Seek":

Visit her official website HERE.

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