Saturday, June 13, 2009

Black Spade is the truth...

Producer, rapper, and singer Black Spade is from St. Louis and makes meaningful laid back hip-hop soul music. Here are a couple tunes from his debut album To Serve With Love.

On a related note, upcoming hipster-rapper Charles Hamilton stole a beat from him and got caught. Check out the two songs in question below...

First the version that Black Spade produced on his MPC (he had it available on his Myspace page and Chuck stole it...producers beware, artists will take your shit, we've seen it happen to people we know):

Then Charles Hamilton's "Shinin":

It's pretty obvious, and it's so sad that when Black Spade asked him about it on the humble when he saw him perform it at a show, he denied it!

Thus, I repeat...Black Spade is the truth, and Charles Hamilton is a lame...

As requested by Jay Smooth, I have sworn to ignore everything that Charles Hamilton says from here on out, not that I had really listened to him, or really even heard of him for that matter. So, on that note, peace.

The majority of this content/info was leeched from the following excellent, informative blog-sites:

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