Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Night Out With Pops...

So I had gotten tickets to see David Sedaris with Ruthie last night, and around noon yesterday I get a call...Ruthie has a horrible sore throat, stomach ache, etc. and is being sent home from work! She says she will try to rest for a while and then see if she feels well enough to go, but tells me to go ahead and get a back-up plan ready. I can’t think of any good friends who even know who David Sedaris is, much less one I would want to roll solo with to Cobb Energy Center to see him...not that going alone with another dude would be weird...but maybe -- what a minute, Pops!! So I head over to pick him up after work - he has just finished getting his and Judy’s taxes ready to mail out (the last possible day, last possible minute, of course) and it ends up working out perfectly. We ride out in the mini-van, and after conquering a couple confusing direction details, we park about a mile down the road (we get tricked by a parking attendant who forgets to tell us there is on-site parking for the same price). We get inside, Dad buys me a couple Sweetwaters, and I scarf down some chicken fingers while he makes small talk with one of the ushers. Finally, they let us in and we climb up to the nose-bleeds, I mean literally the last possible row, and settle in to our seats.

on site parking

Aside from the fact that we can barely see him, it ends up being a great show. He read a couple of new stories he has been working on while on the road, and then read a few journal entries. He was very funny, and kept us laughing pretty much the whole time. He told a great story called the Kookaburra or something, about some experiences in was my favorite. Actually, now that I think about it, the shorter diary entries were the ones that really had me rolling. Anyway, great night, glad I got the chance to go see it with Pops, since he didn’t quite know who David Sedaris was either. It was definitely right up his alley, in terms of sense of humor...My only regret is that Root didn’t get to see him, since she was the real fan, and has read all of his stuff (I just knew of him from an audio-book Matt Weiss burned us for one of our 6 hour Kentucky drives). Now, I am definitely a fan.

Oh, well, I hope she feels better by Saturday...I can't wait, the Smith's show is going to be dope! We need the redemption after that show in Charlotte...ouch!

Right now, I can't stop listening to this track they posted on yesterday. One of my favorite blogs, always some great funk, soul and world music, old and new, to sink my teeth into...

Great music!

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