Friday, April 15, 2011

Mammas Gata...

As a self-proclaimed international hip-hop connoisseur, I always appreciate some heat from overseas. Thanks to the good people over at B&E Worldwide for the heads up on the newest solo effort from Swedish rapper/graffiti artist Promoe, of the group Looptroop Rockers. The video is dope, on some Lord of the Rings meets Narnia shit (I think they were actually LARPing at the end of it). I love the sound of this, it just feels authentic, and I'm a sucker for some reggae-influenced shit. The first rapper resembling some kind of Satyr (who I believe is Swedish rapper Timbuktu) gave my favorite performance, but even Gandalf himself (Promoe) and The Creature from the Black Lagoon (Supreme, also of Looptroop Rockers) represented to the fullest (from what I can tell without knowing what the hell they are saying).

The name of the song is "Mammas Gata" which translates into "Mom's Street??" There's gotta be something else to it, maybe it's a neighborhood they rep? Anyway, enough nerding out, here's the track. Peace.

Here's the group's official site:

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