Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our tax dollars at work...

It seems, my friends, that we are doomed. Sorry, Martin, I'm afraid we will never learn.


  1. Everywhere is War!

    War in the East.
    War in the West.
    War up North
    War down South

  2. Hey Collective Efforts! I know you!

  3. I think we can off set this by paying our teachers less. Right?

  4. Yeah, who needs them. We make up our own information anyway. The innanet is all we need to be smarts. I was thinking we could just cut funding to Planned Parenthood, since after all, according to Republican douche-bag Jon Kyl, 90% of their work is providing abortions. That is government funded murder, but war isn't - well, it's necessary murder. the way I saw Jon Kyl down on Boulevard buying crack for his 12 year old nephew (NOT INTENDED TO BE A FACTUAL STATEMENT). Spread the word.

  5. ...and for the record, his being Republican has nothing to do with him being a douche-bag, it just happened to end up that way. There are some reasonable Republicans who are not douches.


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