Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Work gettin' done...

Man, I just looked up and realized March was almost over, and I have not really been posting any updates. Rest assured I am not hibernating, your boy's been busy this month:

- Diamond D EP almost done (photos, artwork, design...BOOM!)

- shooting a video for a song I did with W.I.C. (which is turning out very cool, more to come on that soon)

- working on an acoustic guitar score to a dope short film my homie Sam Dyches wrote and directed

- mixing some tracks up for young Eli Sweet from his last visit from China

- just dropped a hook and verse idea for another Goon Trax release over a beat by Japanese producer Re:Plus.

- speaking of Japan, filling out my application for Red Bull Music Academy

I wonder if they still will be holding it in Japan this year...

UPDATE 3/31/11: Just found out that it will not be in Japan this year. Damn. The new location will be announced April 11th, they apparently extended the deadline to April 26th, which is great for the slack-ass procrastinators like myself.

Not that I think I could necessarily get in, but I really want to go through the process as sort of a self-evaluation, as it requires you to make a thirty minute compilation of the best of what you have to offer, and answer a shitload of introspective questions about who you are and where you see yourself in the musical universe. So, coming soon, thirty minute Best of Ben Hameen compilation (as I will definitely be throwing a version up for download, considering it has been taking up so much of my time).

Anyway, if you are having Hameen withdrawal and need more immediate contact, you can find me on Twitter @hameen for an occasional quote, pic, comment or response.

Or actually, you can just follow me in Google World, go to my Buzz. I always share anything interesting I find while perusing the infinite blogosphere, and it automatically lists any posts I do here, and any of my amazing tweets. So it's a win/win.

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