Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Freezing World Review...

As soon as I read this at work today, I began to have an awesome day. After getting painfully bad reviews of Trail Mix and Medicine at RapReviews.com (e.g. the guy who reviewed Medicine said not to operate heavy machinery while listening - HA!), we finally got some redemption in the form of Pete T. My self-esteem jumped up a couple notches, mainly because of lines like these:

"...their meticulously penned verses should offer at least something for everyone, and Ben Hameen in particular impresses throughout the tracklist. His blissfully smoked-out tone might be likened to Myka 9, but when he sings the hooks and backing vocals, it's more akin to an ungangstafied Nate Dogg. His multiple talents and endlessly soulful hooks buoy even the less effusive numbers. Their dedication to rap as an art and wholesome, tireless optimism will rub some the wrong way, but vocally "Freezing World" is often fantastic. "This Far" is gorgeously balanced between smooth guitar, percussion, somber synths, and a show-stopping performance from Ben Hameen for perhaps the LP's best track. The stark closer "See What You Find" is breathtaking, with a gloomy guitar line perfectly suited for his calls for introspection."

I must say, it really is a well-written and honest (and flattering) review. Thanks, Pete!

Read Pete's entire review here (or click the pic):


  1. Man, I can't tell you what a silent success and inspiration you guys are. I listen to CE's rhymes daily...you guys are bringing something so fresh, so soulful, so positive yet so tangible, to hip hop...your influence goes far beyond good (or bad) reviews...you've become a soundtrack to a soul! Endless thanks...keep risin, keep movin...

    - Lars

  2. Damn, Lars. That really means a lot, man. Thanks for lifting my spirits up. Positive encouragement keeps me moving daily, and without words like yours then I wouldn't be the "silent success" that I feel like I have become. Such an awesome term, because it doesn't require all of the negative connotation that being a "loud success" does, much more personal and down to earth, and dependent upon true friendship and passion for life, not money and status.


  3. Hey Ben, was just googling myself like we narcissists tend to do and saw this post about my review of "Freezing World"--great timing considering it's about that time of year that my CD copy enters the changer permanently for at least a few months! I'm so glad you liked it--always great to know it's appreciated. Sorry the other guys were so harsh and many thanks for the music that's become a fixture for me. Feel free to hit me up if I can help out.

  4. Hey Pete,

    We have new EP with Diamond D that will hopefully be out soon, as well as a couple of other projects that I will keep you posted on. Thanks again for the great review, and for helping us spread the word.

    Peace, and have a great holidays.


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