Sunday, October 31, 2010

Great songwriting...

Van Hunt's self-titled LP released in 2004 is some of the best songwriting that I have heard in a very long time. Like if David Ryan Harris, Curtis Mayfield, Prince and Jimi Hendrix had a music-baby...that's what it sounds like. His second album, On The Jungle Floor, not really my cup of tea., but he is definitely a talented dude.

That track, What Can I Say (For Millicent), I liked a lot, so I learned the piano parts on guitar and Ruthie and I learned to sing the harmonies together. Then we sang it together in Nicaragua with Manu, JT and the fellas on the balcony overlooking the streets of San Juan del Sur during a late night acoustic jammie-jam. There were some questionable lyric interpretations, but it didn't matter. Maybe someone has figured them out by now...she walks with me on pillows enstoned...and stone? Not sure.

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