Thursday, July 1, 2010

Freezing World review...

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"Hip-Hop as it stands today, is completely overloaded with wannabe thugs, internet beef and simplistic production. Remaining true to the earlier beginnings of the music, the Atlanta-based crew, Collective Efforts offers up anything but the expected with their recent offering “Freezing World”. Throughout the last half-decade, Collective Efforts has left an imprint on the underground by providing the listener with back to the basics production and lyricism. While Collective Efforts has yet to attain true commercial success, their consistent approach to making music is very admirable as opposed to the simplistic measures that are often the path to the garbage we that we are subjected to on the radio.

With their most recent outing, “Freezing World”, Collective Efforts’ attempts to uncover happiness amidst the everyday struggles that we often tackle as individuals. The album possesses a feeling of hope, filled with lyrical and sonic gems that find the trio of trio of MC J Mil, Bambu De Asiatic and Ben Hameen painting visual portraits of fading dreams, unfulfilled commitments and and critical oversight from the overseers of the music industry who slept on the trio. The production on the album, handled by the Collective Efforts trio is solid if not spectacular, yet it’s the lone beat contribution from the legendary Diamond D that is “Freezing World’s” crowning moment. Recognized for his musical contributions as a member of the world-renown “Diggin’ In The Crates” collective, Diamond’s production found on “I Get Down,” fits the overall feel of the album perfectly.

With hits of live instrumentation and melodic backdrops seamlessly intertwined with drunk-rattling drum spikes, “Freezing World” is a musical expedition, and a true class on “originality”. Each of the trio brings their own unique input and personalities to the developing storyline that is the culmination of all their past and present workings. “Freezing World” also features notable lyrical appearances from the likes of fellow ATL-iens, Senor Kaos (“The Dream”) and Dillon (“Freezing World”) making the album somewhat of a family affair.

With “Freezing World”, it may very well be “when hell freezes over” that the trio achieves the critical acclaim that they so do deserve, yet Collective Efforts has delivered an album that Hip-Hop needs. While the album’s title reads: “Freezing World”, Collective Efforts is sure to heat things up this summer with this stellar outing that even I slept on for months!!"

Thanks to Eric for the great write-up! Peace.

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