Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Soul of Black Peru...

That last post also reminded me of one of my favorite female vocalists...Susana Baca.

My favorite song of hers is called "De Los Amores" and if any of you heard Gripplyaz' first album Cumngitslum, produced by Poncho Grady and myself (which is a real collector's item, there is not a trace left of it online or info about it anywhere), you may recognize this one. (Keep talking "Blah Blah Blah"...)

I first heard her on this Soul of Black Peru compilation a while back. The song was called Maria Lando, about a girl who spends all day working for someone else's gain, and never has any time to appreciate her life. You can feel the emotion pouring out of her...such a gem.

Here is a lo-fi rip of it:

And I had to throw in this flawless live version I found of Maria Lando with some of Peru's finest backing her...brilliant:



  1. Maria Lando used to get jammed much back in the early Humboldt days. Loud in the crib. Westwood will vouch for that. Such a remarkable song. Taught me about some 6/4. That one takes me back. Most def.

  2. It sounds great loud! Man, that live version is straight soul!

    You know Raw D lives up the block from me now...

  3. Word. I seen him working the grass last week driving by.

  4. The other kind of grass, I mean.


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