Sunday, April 11, 2010

CE Remix Contest...

Friday, we posted a Remix Contest on the Collective Efforts website and so far have had some really cool submissions. We gave producers a choice between remixing one of two cuts from Freezing World. Either "I Get Down" originally produced by the legendary Diamond D:

...or "Hour of Change," the ominous, yet somehow uplifting tune about struggling to make ends meet, and trying to find light in these dark days:

Everyone who submits at least one remix wins a gift from the crew, and the grand prize is to have their remix featured in the next CE video. So basically, the video we do next is somewhat contingent upon the outcome of this contest, which is pretty exciting! To learn more about the Remix Challenge, check out the rules on the website HERE.

To hear some of the entries, you can double-click and stream them one by one by visiting the DropBox we made. So far, we got West Coast rap versions, techno remixes, even an "I Wear My Sunglasses At Night" remix that is slammin'. I love hearing what different people come up many different styles, tastes, and influences. Anyway, check them all out at Let anyone you know who makes beats, it's time to Get Down!

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