Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ATL to Spain...

Just finished recording a couple of CE drops for SoulCall radio show in Spain. Jonay and Julio Perez host the show, and play some really dope hip-hop and soul music. We were honored when Jonay hit us up and asked for a drop. He told us they were playing Collective Efforts and their listeners were loving it! We sent him a couple drops and some CE tracks with SoulCall shouts at the beginning. We are sending out a package this week with stickers, the full catalog of music in mp3 form, and a copy of the new record. I can't express enough how much I would like to travel to Spain to rock a show, even if had to come out of this point, it would still be a dream come true just to be there. Anyway, enough rambling, I was checking out their last podcasts - available HERE - and noticed that in addition to non-stop dope music, all of the other drops were from artists I respect (and some that I know personally). I definitely recommend checking them out, as their podcast put me on to some shit I was sleeping on from last year, Jet Audio, and the track "Stand Alone" from the album Stand Alone Complex. Check it out below, and support the artists.

<a href="">Stand Alone (Feat. Curt@!n$, Mickey Factz, Danny! &amp; Outasight) by Jet.Audio</a>

I found the whole album HERE, haven't peeped it yet...plan to soon.

[Revision: I did get the chance to check the full album out, and although there are some good tracks on it, some of the MCs lyrics are little suspect to me (corny). That's just a personal taste issue, but on a purely sonic level it is overall a great project. There's a few skippers, but I'm feeling Che Grand's joint, "Bookmark the Style" and of course the title track.]

Once again, thanks to my homies Jonay and Julio Perez at SoulCall for supporting independent artists! Please support these brothers and click the logo below to check their podcasts. Peace and respect...

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