Thursday, December 10, 2009

China Syndrome...

My man Eli Sweet just posted a link for his new mixtape. A collection of music he recorded here at the crib during his latest visits back from China. Some excellent verses/songs on this joint, really some of his best work to date. Mostly the production consists of tracks he "borrowed" from various producers, but he makes sure he gives credit where credit is due...respectfully. Eli is one of the nicest, and on China Syndrome, he's got his superman swagger on and shines on every track he blesses...don't sleep.

You can click the picture, or here to get to the download link. (I had to download Winzip since he made it a .zipx file, but it's worth it.)

Check the track-listing here

Below are words from Eli himself:

Album Notes


2. I didn't pay for any of the beats on this album. Some of them were made by friends of mine, or offered by their creators for free download, but the majority were taken from other hip hop artists' mixtapes or albums without their permission. The production credits for the beats are listed below.

3. I stole that Usain Bolt punchline from my buddy Leif. We were freestyling and he dropped that shit; I thought it was funny, so I took it and ran with it. I told him about it and hes cool with. He gets props.

4. You can learn about my time as Captain Morgan in China at

5. If you like my music you can download stuff from my previous album, “Firebrand” here (
New music will also be available for free download here:

6. Eli Sweet is my given name. You can contact me at

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